World Environment day Theme

-World Environment Day 2011 Theme – “Forests: Nature at your Service”

Date of World Environment day

-5th June is celebrated as the World Environment day.

Objective of the World Environment Day Celebration

World Environment day is the main weapon of the United Nation to make people aware of the worldwide environmental demolition and drag the attention and action of various political sources and human resource.

Beginning of the World Environment Day

-World Environment Day was resultant effort of the United Nations General Assembly in the year 1972, which took place in Stockholm Conference on the issue of Human Environment.

-In the same platform, one more resolution was being taken place which gave birth to the UNEP.

How World Environment Day be Celebrated?

World Environment day is celebrated each year by various means like:

-street rallies

-bicycles parades

-green concerts

-essay and poster competitions in schools

-tree planting

-recycling efforts

-clean-up campaigns and much more.

Resolution taken by Ministry on World Environment day

Various resolution and pledges are being taken by Prime Ministers, chief ministers and Ministers of Environment on that day. They all indulge themselves with the commitment of taking care of the world environment. Taken pledges are then established as the base of environmental management and economic planning dealt by Government.