Funny but as soon as  Chief Justice Renato Corona took a tough fighting stance the next day 188 attorneys signed his impeachment, I wonder if he regrets it now. But then again for someone so dense and hiding under the pretense of rule of law and due process coupled with a deluded mindset thinking and acting as if they are the institution, you would expect that kind of reaction.

What are the chances that the impeachment will succeed and instead of a constitutional crisis¬† this will really turn out to be Gloria Arroyo’s Very Low crisis brought about by anxiety of spending her entire life in prison? I am optimistic that it will happen because most of the senators are up for re-election, I am sure they will not risk the ire of the voters siding with a lost cause. The biggest and most important question is will the representatives and senators finally redeem themselves and will this signal the start of genuine reform? Unless and until the lawmakers reform themselves how can they expect to reform the system when they need to be reformed too?