A 25 year old from Andalusia, south of Spain, has been ordered by the judge to leave his parent’s home and look for a job after he sued his parents for discontinuing his monthly allowance of $588 unless he looks for employment.

Although the judge mentioned that the man was studying law, and would probably not complete the degree for several years, nevertheless the judge thought that he was still capable of finding some kind of work. He must leave his parents’ house within 30 days.

The family court in Malaga said that tension rose when the parents claimed that their son had physically and verbally abused them.

Although the judge ordered their son to leave his parents’ home, he also ordered the parents that they should pay a $292 monthly food stipend for 2 years. The parents have also taken over the monthly repayments on their son’s car.

Due to the current tough labor market where the youth unemployment rate is 40.5%, it is not unusual to see offsprings in Spain living with their parents until they are in their 30s.