They still have no proof that would place acquitted Vizconde massacre suspect Hubert Webb and his companions at the scene of the crime even after a thorough reinvestigation. Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said on Tuesday

“We found no credible and confirmed evidence, whether testimonial or otherwise that would place Hubert Webb and company at the scene of the crime,” De Lima told reporters during a press briefing at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) headquarters on Tuesday.

According to NBI Death Investigation Division head Romulo Asis technical evidence from the Bureau of Immigration and the sworn statements of seven witnesses contradicted Webb’s claim that he went out of the country on March 1991.

After the Supreme Court acquitted Hubert Webb and six others who had been earlier convicted by a lower court of the murders of Estrellita, Carmela, and Jennifer Vizconde on June 30, 1991 Malacañang ordered to reinvestigation of the Vizconde massacre in December.