An astounding total of 1554 Philippine towns, cities and municipalities united with the rest of the world in taking action against climate change. At exactly 8:30 last Saturday March 26, the whole country dimmed as citizens turned off their lights and other unnecessary appliances for at least an hour to celebrate Earth Hour with the rest of the world.

Earth Hour originated in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million residents turned off their lights. News of this spread like wildfire and soon other cities from different countries adopted this practice. Earth Hour is held on the last Saturday of March, and was conceived by the World Wide Fund along with The Sydney Morning Herald back in 2007.

This year, a record of 131 countries and territories took part in the event. And yet again Philippines exceeded all other collaborating countries in terms of most towns and cities participating; the third time for Philippines since 2009. Ten million Filipinos saved at least 611MWh of electricity during Earth Hour 2009; and with at least eighteen million Filipinos participating in Earth Hour 2011, savings will also significantly increase.